Chairs series


Chairs series

Model:ZB-05AB Color: earth brown

Origin of the name:

The "Venus" dining chair has no armrests, and the brown color gives people a simple texture, reminiscent of Venus with a broken arm, but it does not affect the beauty of the goddess Venus. Even though this dining chair has no armrests, it also has the beauty of Italian classics and smooth lines.

Product description:

The ZB-05 series dining chairs have two kinds of curved backrest designs. The feature of the A-type product is the extension of the curved backrest. This extension seems to be flapping like a pair of wings, which looks very vivid. It also adopts scientific ergonomics to produce Designed to fit the user's lower back. Type B product is a more conventional shape, suitable for some users who like conventional styles. The trimmed hardware inner frame is closely attached to the smooth leather material, and the leather material is perfectly stitched with meticulous sewing techniques. The long chair legs support the short backrest, showing a tall appearance. Paired with an elegant dining table, it can set off a harmonious overall beauty.

Material Description:

①The solid wood three-dimensional frame is made of larch wood imported from Russia, which has stronger bearing capacity and more durable use.
②Natural soft leather, fine leather fiber, special dyeing process, the leather surface retains clear pores, ensuring a skin-friendly texture. Due to the combination of the tension of the yellow cowhide and the high-resilience sponge and down, it is normal to have wrinkles after sitting up.
③The leather is cut by hand, so that the natural color and texture of each piece of leather are perfectly coordinated, and at the same time, each curved surface is closely fitted to strengthen the fullness and smoothness of the curve.
④ Millimeter-level stitching accuracy is smooth and wrinkle-free, 1mm-precision stitching technology, finely crafted one by one, bringing delicate and well-proportioned edge lines of armrests and backrests, the fabric is smooth and wrinkle-free, fully demonstrating the comfort of soft leather .
⑤ Each chair foot has a round foot pad, which is made of environmentally friendly rubber material, non-slip and shock-absorbing, and it is not easy to wear the leather of the dining chair.
⑥The inner frame is formed by one-time molding of hardware inner body frame and high-rebound shaped cotton, which is tall, straight and stylish, with a certain degree of comfort.

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