Chairs series


Chairs series

Model:ZB-67 Color: beige gray

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Material Description:

① It is filled with a 40kg/m³ density shaped sponge that exceeds the industry standard, which is soft and comfortable, has high stability, and does not collapse after years of use.
②The solid wood three-dimensional frame is made of larch wood imported from Russia, which is stronger and more durable.
③Comfortable cotton and linen fabric, combining the softness of cotton and the hygroscopicity and freshness of linen.
④Concealed sofa legs, low design, echoing the simple style, simple and beautiful and strong bearing capacity.
⑤Microfiber leather is made of nylon microfibers similar in structure and performance to bundled collagen fibers in natural leather, and is made into a nonwoven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure, and the polyurethane with an open microporous structure is post-processed with excellent refilling performance. processed;

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  • Modular
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